Functions Of A Spank Bench


Various spank benches are available in the market.  The bench has a shape of a standard table with a soft material all over it.  The height differs for this bench where there are those that are high height and others low levels.  The body and the knee is comfortable on the rests.  A two knee rests well for parting the legs as one lean on them.  Restrained seats are available in the market for spanking.  Care must be taken when one is being restrained to avoid injuries.  Excellent spankings may be achieved by using different forms of canning furniture.

The benches are used for spanking as the name implies.  Several material is used to give spanking on different body parts while the bottoms and the thigh is whipped on the spanking bench.  The the bench can be used to achieve different fulfillments.  Safety is the top priority when using a wax play.  The hands and also the bondage equipment are some of the elements used to achieve stimulation.  Paddles are safe to use as well as slippers.  Space is not a factor when it comes to whipping as the spanker need to concentrate on the expected body part.

Floggers and other dungeon items are used.  Minimal space is best suited for the use of floggers.  The whips are not suitable to work for short distances but are in use when a sub is bent over on a spanking bench.

Ensure that the spankee and the spanker is secure from any harm that may arise from this activity.  Research on any possible damage or injury that may result from using dungeon bondage.  One need to know what ought to be done when emergencies arise during the spanking process.  Raise a claim during the act if things are not going right. Learn more about furniture at

To achieve the best results; one needs to use dedicated costumes for the spanking act.  Exposure is the best thing to consider when choosing on a good costume.  This fetish wears mostly tight fitting and are made using fetishistic materials at  Humilation and submissiveness is associated with panties which are used together with rows of ruffles.

A good position will help in attaining the best stimulation.  Time is a major factor in deciding on the right place to use.  A a good position will enable support from a different perspective and to initiate a good spank.  The one initiating the spark control the spankee’s position and makes the necessary adjustments for safety purposes.  Different outcomes like improved suspension can be achieved through shifting of the position.

In a nutshell, the whole idea of spanking is to stimulate the spankers through the infliction of pain to the spankee.  A real arousal is  gotten by use of hands and other dungeon materials to spank on the buttocks of the spankee.

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